I Love Muji!

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Muji. I own a lot of stuffs from Muji – stationery, packing cubes, neck cushion, passport holder, umbrella, luggage, shirts, even handkerchief – just to name a few. I love Muji because it embraces minimalism and practicality – after all it’s a Japanese brand popular for its eco-friendly household products. I won’t say that their price is cheap (this is not Daiso), but it’s comparable to its quality.

Here are 5 of my most favorite Muji products (trust me, it’s hard to choose just 5!) :

  • Muji Paraglider Cloth Shoulder Bag – I’ve carried bricks with this bag and it still survived! I love that it’s very versatile – I can carry it for daily use (just my wallet, phone and keys), as a gym bag, as a diaper bag, as a shopping bag or it can even be my overnight bag and still have much space in it as it can expand up to around 19-litre capacity. Don’t let the lightweight material of this bag fool you – it’s very durable! When not in used, I can fold it and keep it in its carrying case. This bag is definitely a keeper.


  • Muji Hanging Travel Case – I love that I could hang this and it has many small compartment in it for organization. The design is so pretty too. I have to admit that I don’t pack light when it comes to toiletries, so the only downside is its limited space. Until the day I learn the art of carrying mini-size toiletries, I would be using this travel case along side another toiletry bag.



  • Muji Packing Cubes – These make packing and unpacking so much easier. I separate my cloth by category  – 1 packing cube for tops, 1 packing cube for bottoms, and 1 packing cube for undergarments, socks and scarves. I have separate packing cubes for my husband’s and daughter’s clothes too for when I travel with them. Muji packing cubes come in multiple sizes and they are lightweight, thin and I just love the design! I feel like I can pack a couple of extra clothes too with these cubes, so it’s a win-win for an overpacker like me. I’ve been traveling with these packing cubes for almost a year now and all have held up well. In the family of packing cubes is also Muji Cube Mesh Pouch that I love. I no longer need to rummage through my bag to find my earphone. I no longer need to painstakingly untangle the earphone cable every time I want to use it. I love the design of this pouch and I could easily hook it to my bag. Other than earphone, this pouch is also perfect for storing candies, keys, mini makeup or even small jewelry.




  • Muji stationery – Who wouldn’t love good stationery, right? I’m obsessed with Muji pens so much as they write well. Particularly, I love their 0.38 mm gel ink pens as they make my handwriting neater. I have them in array of colors – but I know for the fact that I’ll only be writing with the black pen. I also have their highlighters, scissors, stapler, glue, ruler, planner, note pad – basically I visit Muji, stuck there for hours and then buy some stuff I don’t really need.


  • Muji Nylon Mesh Case – It comes in A5 size so its perfect for storing my Moleskine bullet journal together with my stationery and my phone whenever I go for meetings. It makes things organized and it’s see through too, so it’s easy for me to locate stuffs.


I look forward to add more Muji products in my life – their skin care, make up, essential oil, and even furniture – I love Muji!




Who Wore It Better?

My sister got married recently and she chose to wear my wedding dress! The songket fabric is from Jakel and it was custom made in a bridal boutique in Melaka together with the veil. I love the color so much and I specifically requested for a dress with train. When my sister was looking for a wedding dress, I suggested mine – it fits, it’s free – and she immediately said yes!



Luqman & Jazlin Ermalina

13th July 2018

Photographer : Amin Pictures

Wedding dais : Akma Wedding Couture, Taiping

Makeup: Noor Atiqah Rosli

Hand bouquet : Otters Studios

Let’s flashback to a few years back :p

1622521_10202478693305281_991655852_o (2)



Adib & Jazlin Ernida

25th January 2014

Photographer : Adi Nang

Wedding dais : Takteh Bridal, Taiping

Makeup : Annasha

I think we both rock the dress, don’t you think?


How Becoming a Mom has Changed Me

Syawal has come to its end and it has been a really hectic couple of months. I’ve been meaning to write but I just didn’t have time. June was packed with Ramadan and Eid celebration, and starting early June, I was attached to a project which requires my stay in KL (almost) full-time.

I’ve weighed the pros and cons before saying yes to this project – pros that I can be involved in this new project management and get more Hilton Honors points from hotel stay, and cons that my daughter has to skip school for a couple of months or more, less time spend with her and I have to put aside some of my tasks in the office until project completion. But being a career woman myself, I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to add this project to my resume.

I thank Allah SWT for the opportunity – as much as I try to chart my career progression, I realized that Allah SWT is the Best Planner. Whatever good Allah SWT send down to me after putting my 100% efforts added with honest intentions, I’ll take it.

This reminded me of the story of Musa AS when he was running from Egypt. In state of dire need of help, he made this famous supplication:

“My Lord, I am in need of whatever good you send down to me.” Quran 28:24

Almost immediately after making this dua, Allah SWT began to remove the anxiety and worry from Musa AS. Allah SWT had granted Musa a safe place, a career, a pious friend and a wife.

On the other hand, as much as I want my daughter to be with me, I cannot be selfish and let her be in the confine of a hotel room for months, so she is currently staying at the comfort of a home with my parents in Taiping. She’s quick to adapt, but I’m still having a hard time adjusting to this situation. Leaving her every weekend as I drive back to KL is painful. Coming back to an empty hotel room makes me feel lonely, as I used to have her greeting me at the door. There seems to be a void in me that’s unexplainable. There are nights that I would just lie in bed and stare at the ceiling, not wanting to move, but I can’t sleep either. I feel lost.

But I know this is all temporary. I know one day I’ll overcome this separation blues.

I realized she’s my source of strength and how being a mom has changed me. She’s now my priority. I will consider her in every decisions I make, I will constantly try to improve myself to be a better person and a role model for her. I want to show her that being a career woman is okay and does not mean neglecting your family. I want her to know that it’s okay to pursue her dreams, whatever it may be. I want to give her the opportunities I didn’t have. I want to show her that she’s so loved just by being herself.


I got very emotional with news on child abuse lately. I cried for a whole 30 minutes watching it on TV, I couldn’t control my tears. I was probably hormonal, or was missing my child so much, but what they did to the kids was definitely inhumane. No adult in their right mind will act as such toward a helpless child, what more if the abuser is their own parents!

I’m blessed that I have my family member to take care of my child when I’m at work, but I know not everyone has that luxury. The most that we can do is make dua’a and tawakkul, after putting all the efforts to ensure that our child’s safety and needs are covered. I make dua’a to Allah SWT for my daughter to always be under His protection against all evils.


Singapore Was Lit! Day 3

Day 3 : Hilton Garden Inn, Singapore – Singapore Botanic Gardens – Takashimaya Shopping Centre – Merlion Park – Zam Zam Restaurant – Hilton Garden Inn, Singapore

We had been overspending the previous day especially in USS buying food and merchandises, so to keep within budget, we decided to just chill and visit Singapore attractions that have free entrance (cheapskate, I know). From Little India MRT Station, we went to Botanic Gardens MRT Station. The Botanic Gardens have 4 gates and one of the gates i.e. Bukit Timah Gate is just besides the MRT Station. It’s very convenient to reach this place. By the time we arrived, it was around 11 am, and it was really sunny!

P1010438 (2)

At the back of my mind, I was imagining the area equivalent to Penang Botanic Gardens (that’s the only botanic garden I’ve ever visited, btw). Silly me. This place is seriously huge and nothing similar to the one in Penang – Singapore Botanic Gardens spread is 82-hectares area, which if stretched vertically; the longest distance between the northern and southern ends is 2.5 km.

P1010441 (3).JPG

P1010445 (2).JPG

Still, I was telling myself, 2.5 km is pretty doable. It will take us 30 minutes top to cover 2.5 km. No, it didn’t. It took us longer than that. Much longer. Especially in the heat. Especially when my kid out of a sudden didn’t want to be in the stroller any longer and wanted to be carried all the way.

P1010467 (2)

Our first stop was at Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. This garden is a new extension to the already huge garden. Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden itself is the largest children’s garden in Asia. However, we didn’t explore further, as it was too hot (obviously, it was mid afternoon). So we just headed to the Learning Forest to catch the Hop On Hop Off Bus.

Anyways, it was nice to be surrounded by lots of greeneries but I think it’ll be a much better experience if we were to go there early in the morning or in the evening. It’ll also be a good strategy too if we were to choose and focus on just one of the parks/ gates rather than trying to cover the whole area.

P1010464 (2)

P1010455 (2)

We then headed to the Orchard Road and had lunch in KFC, Takashimaya. There are a lot of restaurants in Takashimaya but not all are halal certified, so we just played safe and had KFC. We took a stroll on Orchard Road and there were so many people chilling and just hanging out, and there was even a flash mob by the Popeyes team!

P1010481 (2)

Obviously we did not miss the chance to enjoy the famous Orchard Road ice cream sandwiches! The last time I had this was in 2013 when we were shopping for our wedding’s gifts. It was $1 back then but now priced at $1.20. I forgot to take a photo of the ice cream sandwich since I was enjoying it so much especially in that kind of weather, so this is a picture I found on Google image hehe…


We headed to Merlion Park and by the time we arrived it was already 5.30 pm (still very sunny though). AJ had somehow fallen asleep when we arrived. Merlion Park was so crowded, but we still managed to capture some memorable photos.

P1010509 (2)

P1010521 (2).JPG


P1010551 (2)

P1010553 (2)

It was already Maghrib by that time, so we headed to Zam Zam Restaurant to buy dinner before going back to our hotel. Without realizing, our tracker recorded more than 20,000 steps for day 3 alone!

That marks the end of our short weekend getaway to Singapore. We had an early flight the next morning back to Bintulu. We spent almost RM1,000 per pax for this 4 days 3 nights trip inclusive of flight tickets, accomodation at Hilton Garden Inn, tickets to Universal Studio Singapore, and pocket money for meal and souvenirs. It’s definitely one of the expensive cities in the world to travel too, but the experience is priceless!


Singapore Was Lit! Day 2

Day 2 : Hilton Garden Inn, Singapore – Universal Studios Singapore – Hilton Garden Inn, Singapore

We started our second day with a hearty breakfast in Hilton Garden Inn, Singapore. The spread was pretty basic, but it was enough to fuel us.

P1010190 (2).JPG

P1010196 (2).JPG

P1010191 (3).JPG


P1010201 (2)

P1010199 (2)

P1010200 (2)

P1010202 (2).JPG

The nearest MRT station from Hilton Garden Inn is Little India Station, it is just located within less than 500 metres, so it was really convenient for us. From Little India Station, we took the train to Harbourfront Station. Both stations are on the same line i.e. North East Line / purple line.

P1010205 (2).JPG

HarbourFront MRT Station is attached to Vivo City Mall, where Sentosa Station Monorail is located at level 3. Singapore Tourist Pass is not inclusive of monorail, so you have to buy a separate monorail ticket.

P1010210 (2)

P1010213 (2).JPG

USS is located at Waterfront Station which is just one station away from Sentosa Station.

P1010222 (2).JPG

P1010229 (2)

During our visit, USS was having a limited time event, called Trollstopia, based on Dreamworks Animation’s Trolls. It was the sole reason we took this trip at this particular time, we are all big fans of Trolls!

P1010250 (2).JPG

P1010255 (2)

P1010264 (2)

P1010314 (2)

P1010316 (2)

P1010305 (2)

And obviously we tried on most of the other rides in USS. Eventhough it was peak day, the queue was still bearable and we didn’t have to buy any express pass.

We were there in USS until 10 pm to watch the fireworks (only on Saturday if I’m not mistaken). It was beautiful!

P1010278 (2)

P1010277 (2).JPG

P1010337 (2)

P1010355 (2)

P1010360 (2)

P1010399 (2).JPG

P1010414 (2)

P1010380 (2)

P1010415 (2)

P1010416 (2)

P1010419 (2).JPG

p/s: If you are going to spend a whole day in USS and maximize your time there, be prepared to spend a lot on dining. You are not allowed to bring outside food. There are a lot of restaurants / food shacks around USS, but make sure you bring enough cash. Other than that, enjoy your trip to USS!


Singapore Was Lit! Day 1

This is a long overdue post, and I totally apologize for that. We went to Singapore the weekend before labor day for 4 days 3 nights. It was an ad hoc trip just for the fact that we wanted to meet Poppy and Branch from the movie Trolls in USS! We also wanted to try AirAsia direct flight Bintulu to Singapore, and it was so convenient. The only downside is there’s only 1 flight a day in the morning for both ways, so there’s not much flexibility in maximizing your trip especially on the last day.

Not going to bore you with words, I’ll just let the picture do the talking.

Day 1 : Bintulu Airport – Changi Airport, Singapore – Hilton Garden Inn, Singapore – Zam Zam Restaurant – Ion Orchard – Hilton Garden Inn, Singapore

P1010070 (2).JPG
Had brunch at Niah Cafe in Bintulu Airport while waiting to board the plane.
P1010076 (2)
On board. My sister was with us during this trip as she was in Bintulu visiting.
P1010082 (2)
Arrived in Changi Airport and we were already fascinated with this interior design and facilities.
P1010092 (2)
First pit stop: the diaper changing room. There are many baby rooms in the airport, it so convenient when travelling with kids. And the baby’s room so clean and smell oh so good!
P1010093 (2)
The nursing room is also spacious and cosy.
P1010100 (2)
Water bottle refill station.
P1010108 (2)
Happy faces at Changi Airport.
P1010122 (2)
And even happier faces when we were finally in our hotel rooms…
Another happy face… Jeez.
P1010132 (2)
We took two connecting rooms with 1 king size bed and 2 twins bed. Just like any other inns, the room is small yet cosy. When we arrived, it was raining heavily outside.
After prayer, we headed to Zam Zam Restaurant, which is famously known for its murtabak. It was raining, so we took Grabcar from the hotel to this restaurant.
P1010159 (2)
And we ordered the famous deer murtabak (left) and chicken murtabak (right). Surprisingly, we all prefered the deer than the chicken. The murtabak comes in sizes – you can choose S/M/L. Imagine, both of these were size S, but 5 of us couldn’t finish! It was such a big portion. I wonder how big the large size is.
I’m salivating just looking at this photo…
We got our 3-day Singapore Tourist Pass at the nearest MRT. The MRT system is very similar to the one in South Korea and it is very easy to figure out. The nearest MRT system to Zam Zam Restaurant is Bugis Station. We rode the MRT from Bugis Station, and exchanged at City Hall Station to go to Orchard Station.
P1010188 (2)
It was raining cat and dog outside and we were all tired from travelling, so we just spent our evening at Ion Orchard (and for the fact that my husband wanted to buy a pair of Skechers there because my daughter and I were both wearing Skechers. FOMO much?)

We didn’t have dinner since we were all still full from the murtabak – so if you guys are on a budget when visiting Singapore, Zam Zam Murtabak is a very good choice. By 10 pm we were already back in our hotel room to rest and prepare for next day’s adventure at Universal Studio Singapore.


My Office Work Desk

I spend at least 8 hours a day on my work desk, so I make sure that it’s as condusive as possible. I usually do my Quran journalling and Quran tagging during lunch hour too, so most of my journalling stuffs are also in the office (because it’s just impossible at home). I really can’t work well around clutter, so I always keep items on my work desk at minimum. Keeping work desk organized can improve my job too and make my work day so much better.

I have to admit, desk job can be a bit mundane at times. So I added some personal touch – vision board, decorative boxes, mirror, frame – to keep the working atmosphere lively. And of course, the coworker sitting next to my workstation whom I disturb now and then with my impeccable jokes…




20180524_102629 (2)