Weaning Off My 3 Year Old

As many of you are aware, I have been breastfeeding for the past 3 years. My daughter exclusively breastfed since birth and I started introducing her to formula milk and bottle feeding on her 2nd birthday. She still breastfeed to these days, mostly for comfort – I don’t think I’m producing as much milk now.

But I guess our breastfeeding days are over. She’s old enough to still be breastfeeding, and I’m just tired from all-night nursing!

I started by having my husband putting my daughter to bed. She was tired from her daytime activities, so we gave her a good dinner, I breastfed her but made sure to keep her awake, and passed her to my husband for him to rock her to sleep. She still needed something for comfort, so she grabbed a kangaroo soft toy and cuddled it. I just kept myself ‘busy’ – in and out of the washroom – and to my amazement, she fell asleep within 10 minutes! She still woke up at 2 am and 5 am for nursing though, but that was a progress. We continued this for about a week or so.

I then kicked it up a notch by putting tamarind paste on my breasts. She was full from dinner and she had 6 oz formula milk before going to bed, so I know this won’t starve her in any way. She wanted to breastfeed when she started to feel sleepy, but she stopped as soon as she nursed, and she just laughed (thank God she laughed because I was expecting a cry) saying, ‘Mommy, it’s sour! Yucky!’ to which I responded, ‘Really? Is it sour? Oh no! No more, okay. Sour, right?’ She kept on tugging my shirt every 5 minutes, but she didn’t nurse. I heard her talking to herself, ‘Mommy don’t want Adriana. It’s okay, later mommy wash (breasts) ya. Adriana drink milk bottle okay’. It broke my heart. At that point, I just wanted to give in but I reminded myself to be strong for her own good. I assured her that I still love her – we did some puzzles, read book, look outside the window, cuddle – and then she felt asleep all on her own. She skipped her 2 am nursing, but she woke up for 5 am nursing.

We are still on the same drill of tamarind paste trick – but even better, she skipped her 5 am nursing. I don’t want to jinx saying that I’ve fully wean her, but her last feeding was almost 48 hours ago! She also started to sleep through the night, and develop a new bond with the kangaroo soft toy (I guess this becomes her comfort toy for now).

She woke up this morning and we just hugged for a full 5 minutes. I rubbed her back telling her I love her.

Alhamdulillah, so far no tears and Allah SWT has made this process easy for us. I guess I’m the one suffering from separation anxiety – I still keep on waking up every couple of hours to check on her!

Breastfeeding has been nothing but a blessing, I treasure all the bonding moment we had for the past 3 years. I really encourage breastfeeding for new mommies out there, this is one phase in life that’s truly fulfilling. It’s tiring, I’m not going to lie, but at the end of the day, this is the moment in life that you’ll cherish, insyaAllah. At least I did.

Here’s to a few of our breastfeeding memories:

Nursing in the snow
Nursing in the flight
Milk coma!



Things We Did During the Long Weekend

Malaysians recently enjoyed a 4-day weekend (5 days for AJ, how lucky) as we celebrated this year Lunar Festival. Just like the previous years, we spent this holiday in Sarawak for various reasons. One: we could enjoy firework show just outside of our bedroom windows for 30 minutes or more, non-stop. They are amazing! I still remember way back in 2010 when I first spent my Chinese New Year holiday in Miri, Sarawak – the fireworks kept me up all night (in a good way).

Two: we could enjoy the quiet time at the comfort of our own house. Work is usually quiet too during this time. How often do we get that? I usually use this time to spring clean the house, rearrange some furniture, or just chill and catch up on my sleep.

Three: we know that traffic in Peninsular will be crazy during this time, so travelling up north or down south by car with an impatient toddler is something that we would try to avoid. I’d rather spend the time to bond with my daughter at home than to waste on the road.

And last but not least, flight tickets are wayyyyy to expensive during this festive season so we have no other option but not to travel. Hah! #theactualreason

Anyways, my husband was out-of-town for work meetings, it was all up to me to make the weekend worth while. So here’s what we did during the long weekend:

1. Dress up for no apparent reason


2. Enjoy the windy evening at Pantai Tanjung Batu, Bintulu


3. Visit Taman Tumbina, Bintulu (because of the free entrance)


4. Grocery shopping (and keep forgetting stuffs so that we can go grocery shopping again)


5. Replace bedsheet with a new, unused one that my husband has specifically asked to keep (just to annoy him)


6. Eat out. A LOT


7. And obviously watch TV, sleep and do nothing all day! Just like this cute, sleepy lion…


I hope you had an enjoyable weekend, just like we did!


p/s: Do you notice that AJ has her stuffed dogs in all of the photos? She’s currently very obsessed with dogs and they all have names! I’ll introduce them to you guys one day.

Mee Udang in Bintulu

I’m not a seafood person, but lately I’ve been craving for udang galah (not pregnant!) Mee udang specifically. So my dear, kindhearted husband brought us to D’Muara Seafood Restaurant in Kampung Seberang Kuala Tatau, Bintulu, which is very well-known for its udang galah (giant freshwater prawn). It’s located about 45 minutes drive from Bintulu town. Google map would help in finding this place.


MashaAllah, the prawns were so juicy and sweet! And relatively cheap too! Alhamdulillah, for the rizq, we got to eat scrumptious, mouth-watering udang galah. If you are in Bintulu, don’t forget to try out these dishes.

Ready to feast your eyes? You’ve been warned ๐Ÿ˜‰

Mee udang galah
Udang galah masak asam
Nasi pattaya as side dish hehe

p/s: Alternatively, if you don’t want to drive out of Bintulu town, you can visit a restaurant called Sajian Mas, where they too serve fresh udang galah. It’s located near Promenade Hotel area, so it’s very easy to find. Udang galah here is price at RM12 per 100 grams, and you can enjoy it either with noodles, rice, Sarawak laksa, or just on its own!

Mee udang at Sajian Mas


How I Tag My Quran Tafseer

I got a few queries on my Quran tagging method especially from my Instagram followers. Not really on the contents, but more on the stationeries involved and the tagging processes. I want to share it here as I think it’s not only applicable for Quran tafseer per se, but also applicable for books that you are currently studying and you intent to refer to later.

Here’s the step by step:

  • Prepare stationeries – plastic labels and flags, Dymo label maker with plastic transparent labels, scissors, highlighter and Quran tafseer. My tafseer is in A6 size as it’s not too small to read and it’s not too big to carry around. I always tag my Quran in parallel with watching Bayyinah TV or YouTube videos, or in parallel with reading reference books on Quran verses.


  • For example, I’m currently watching Quran Weekly series on YouTube by Ustaz Nouman Ali Khan. I find his videos easy to follow for me as a beginner. In this video, he’s referring to surah Ali Imran, verse 92.


  • I will open my Quran tafseer to the verse and highlight it. In my experience, the best highlighter to be used is Zebra Mildliner. They come in pastel colors, and they don’t easily bleed.


  • Here comes the fun part. I will use Dymo label maker to create the label. In this example, I used the title of the YouTube video as my label – How to Attain Goodness from Allah. Dymo allows you to create labels with two lines, and you have options for the font sizes from extra small, small, medium, large and extra large. My preference is small size font, two liner labels.


  • I use Dymo clear plastic label for my Quran tagging. They have a wide range of labels – plastic, paper in different colors and sizes. Make sure you buy the labels that are compatible with your label maker. In my case, I’m using Dymo Letratag, so I need to buy labels that are specifically for this label maker.


  • The label will pop out after you press the Print button. The label maker comes with an in-built scissors at the side, so all you need to do is press the scissors button when it has finished printing. Such a clever design (and ergonomic too)!


  • Tada! Now just peel off the label (just like stickers) and stick it to your color coded flags. I’m using baby pink flags for all Quran Weekly topics.


  • And here’s the finished product. Alternatively, you can use Sharpie and write on the plastic labels, that will work too (but I don’t like my own handwriting).


Happy tagging!


p/s: Quran tagging is a journey and there’s no right or wrong ways in doing it. Taking the first step of opening your Quran tafseer and reading it is what matters most. I like pretty things, so I find tagging my tafseer properly and tidily keeps me motivated to learn Allah’s words on daily basis.

2017 : In Summary

I know this entry is somehow overdue, but I took my time to do my reflection (or maybe just a summary?) of the past one year. So here goes.

At Jisan Ski Resort
  1. Last year kicked off with my trip to Seoul, South Korea with my daughter. I wanted to experience travelling with a kid without my husband’s assistance, and I got his blessing to travel without him. It was a rewarding experience – it empowered me as a mom – definitely a time away from home that I treasured.
  2. I came back from Korea straight to my annual capability assessment, and alhamdulillah I managed to close my gaps and subsequently got a promotion. I didn’t prepare much – my answers were all based on pure experience – but I loved how the assessment turned out – no pressure, only two-way communication and exchange of knowledge between assessor and assessee. This proved to me that Allah’s rizq is vast and timely. Had I rush through my assessment cycles, I might not grasp the full understanding of the technical rulers. I might still close my gaps based on reading and memorization, but still lack on the hands on experiences. Rizq is not only in term of money, experience can be a form of rizq too.
  3. With the promotion came greater responsibilities. I was given a leading role and I totally love my job! It keeps me on my toes, but I learn so much from this current role as I was given more opportunities and exposures in higher level meetings and discussions.
  4. Financially, 2017 was the year I got grip of my spending habits. I cut back on my unnecessary spending, I cleared my credit card debts, I built an emergency saving worth of 3 months salary, and I started taking life insurance. My goal is to clear as much debts as quickly as possible towards financial freedom by the age of 40.
  5. Unexpectedly, despite wanting to clear my debt, I bought a house for my parents. I did not want to buy this house at first, but I believe Allah is The Best Planner, and Allah is The Turner of Hearts. Alhamdulillah, now I owned two houses!
  6. I believe I was more organized in 2017, thanks too bullet journalling system. I consistently used my bullet journal for both work and non-work related matters, and I found that I wasn’t as easily distracted as before, and I had a more structured way to approach my to do list. I am still a #bujo junkie, and I highly promote this system to my colleagues and friends.
  7. I started learning tafseer too. I’m amazed by the Quran, and this is one thing I wish to work on consistently until end of my life, insyaAllah.
  8. And of course, I started blogging. I needed a creative outlet to keep my sanity, so the easiest is writing. I wrote about this and that, but I know I could have written more.
  9. I travelled for quite a lot too this year (no surprise) – I clocked 61 nights in a year at Doubletree by Hilton, KL which entitled me to Hilton Honors Diamond status, alhamdulillah. Although it’s the usual BTU-KUL route, travelling with a toddler thought me patience, empathy and compassion. There were times that she was sick, but I still had to drag her to KL as I had pressing meetings to attend to. I felt so bad, but that’s the trade-off as a working mom.
  10. On a lighter note, I was introduced to Netflix – I watched all seasons of Gilmore Girls in a course of 3 months!

2017 was a 10 out of 10 kinda year for me, however, 2018 has set itself as a challenging year. Well, the only way out is through, so toughen up!




Have you guys had dabai before?

I knew about dabai from Kathy, my Sarawakian friend back in uni days. She was kind enough to bring dabai from Kuching for us to try. We had dabai with soy sauce, I still remember it to these days. I love the taste so much – oh well, I love any kind of fruits that I can dip with soy sauce or salt. Fast forward to a couple of years later, I was posted to Sarawak, and this is still something I always enjoy eating.


Dabai is an exotic fruit and this is one of the hidden gems of Sarawak. When it comes to dabai season, you could easily find this fruit in the markets for around RM10/kg – RM25/kg, depending on the sizes of the dabai (and since it’s seasonal, the pricing is very much dependent on the supply-demand too).

It’s a very unique fruit as you cannot eat this raw (correct me if I’m wrong). To enjoy it, you need to soak dabai in lukewarm water, put in a covered container for 30 minutes or more until it has soften and becomes tender. Drain it, and enjoy with soy sauce, salt, sugar or just on its own. The texture is similar to avocado and the taste is creamy, but the skin and even the seed are edible.

Sarawakian are very creative with their dabai too – they can make nasi goreng dabai and sambal tumis dabai, and I can testify that these meal are delicious!

So if you guys happened to be in Sarawak especially during dabai season, don’t forget to enjoy this signature fruit of Bumi Kenyalang.


Day 2: Ho Chi Minh City (Part 2)

As Ho Chi Minh City’s weather was so friggin’ hot that afternoon, my mom and my aunty decided to take a raincheck on the museum tour and just keep my daughter’s company in the hotel room. So I had the opportunity to explore Ho Chi Minh City on my own – mommy’s adventure time!

The first historical landmark that I visited was Independence Palace, also known as the Reunification Palace. The entrance fee to this palace is 40,000 VND (~MYR7), and if you opt for the audio tour, that will cost you an additional 80,000 VND (~MYR14).

Feeling touristy with my audio tour guide.
This place is huge, amounting to 12 hectares of area.

The palace itself is huge, with many rooms and chambers. It is surrounded by a nice garden, with playground for kids, tennis court and food stall.

You have the option to take the electric bus tour, which will cost another 10,000 VND (~RM2)
This place is very well maintained.
One of the rooms in this palace.

I spent about an hour here (you should allocate 1.5 hours to visit this place depending on your interest with history) before heading back to the hotel. However, on my way back, I stumbled upon Ho Chi Minh City Museum, where I spent another 30 minutes here. I think this museum is underrated – this place is pretty interesting. I learnt a lot of history and there are a lot of interesting artifacts here too. The entrance fee is cheap at only 15,000 VND (~MYR3), so even if you are not a history buff but you happened to have some times to spare, do check out this place for a classic and old school museum experience.

Ho Chi Minh City Museum
Bujo junkie like me will find this interesting (or is it just me?)
I’m not sure why, but this painting touched my heart. #maternalinstinct
This museum is surrounded by a serene garden, if I had more time I would sit here, reading.
It was already almost dawn when I left.

Ho Chi Minh City as we know it is big on arts, so when I stumbled upon an art exhibition next, I decided to take a peek (and the entrance is free, so why not). Nothing much really, or probably I couldn’t appreciate much as I’m not an art lover myself.

The art exhibition hall.
The artworks were pretty cool.

I then reached hotel slightly before 5.30 pm (it was almost dark). Glad that I just let loose – no itinerary – I just followed wherever my feet take me (of course with full caution). Sometimes a little me time or alone time is needed for you to feel like a human again.

We then had a good dinner and a 2-hour shopping at Ben Thanh night market before calling it a day.