How I Tag My Quran Tafseer

I got a few queries on my Quran tagging method especially from my Instagram followers. Not really on the contents, but more on the stationeries involved and the tagging processes. I want to share it here as I think it’s not only applicable for Quran tafseer per se, but also applicable for books that you are currently studying and you intent to refer to later.

Here’s the step by step:

  • Prepare stationeries – plastic labels and flags, Dymo label maker with plastic transparent labels, scissors, highlighter and Quran tafseer. My tafseer is in A6 size as it’s not too small to read and it’s not too big to carry around. I always tag my Quran in parallel with watching Bayyinah TV or YouTube videos, or in parallel with reading reference books on Quran verses.


  • For example, I’m currently watching Quran Weekly series on YouTube by Ustaz Nouman Ali Khan. I find his videos easy to follow for me as a beginner. In this video, he’s referring to surah Ali Imran, verse 92.


  • I will open my Quran tafseer to the verse and highlight it. In my experience, the best highlighter to be used is Zebra Mildliner. They come in pastel colors, and they don’t easily bleed.


  • Here comes the fun part. I will use Dymo label maker to create the label. In this example, I used the title of the YouTube video as my label – How to Attain Goodness from Allah. Dymo allows you to create labels with two lines, and you have options for the font sizes from extra small, small, medium, large and extra large. My preference is small size font, two liner labels.


  • I use Dymo clear plastic label for my Quran tagging. They have a wide range of labels – plastic, paper in different colors and sizes. Make sure you buy the labels that are compatible with your label maker. In my case, I’m using Dymo Letratag, so I need to buy labels that are specifically for this label maker.


  • The label will pop out after you press the Print button. The label maker comes with an in-built scissors at the side, so all you need to do is press the scissors button when it has finished printing. Such a clever design (and ergonomic too)!


  • Tada! Now just peel off the label (just like stickers) and stick it to your color coded flags. I’m using baby pink flags for all Quran Weekly topics.


  • And here’s the finished product. Alternatively, you can use Sharpie and write on the plastic labels, that will work too (but I don’t like my own handwriting).


Happy tagging!


p/s: Quran tagging is a journey and there’s no right or wrong ways in doing it. Taking the first step of opening your Quran tafseer and reading it is what matters most. I like pretty things, so I find tagging my tafseer properly and tidily keeps me motivated to learn Allah’s words on daily basis.

Author: Jazlin Ernida Z.

Hello, I’m Jazlin E. I write on my daily hubbub as a loyal wife to Adib I. and a loving mom to Adriana J. Since completing my degree in Chemical Engineering, I’ve been in Oil & Gas industry for almost 10 years, focusing on Production Planning. We are currently residing in Bintulu, Sarawak, but you could always find us somewhere along Miri, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Taiping… My job requires a lot of traveling, and that’s the fun part. When I’m not crunching numbers, you’ll find me in the local coffee shops or bookstores, scribbling in my bullet journal. But most of the time you'll actually find me scrolling Instafeed or online shopping at Sephora.

19 thoughts on “How I Tag My Quran Tafseer”

    1. Salam Maisarah, You can get it from any bookstores that sell Dymo. Popular and even Aeon carry Dymo. But Lazada’s the easiest! 🙂


    1. waalaikumsalam sister. this is just my personal opinion. Al-Quran is a blessing from Allah SWT and in all its glory, is bestowed upon us in Arabic. so i would prefer to have my english translation together with the arabic writing 🙂 but it definitely depends on your own preference sis. x


  1. Assalamualaikum,
    Where do you get guideline to tag the Quran content. I’m beginner in this and I need some tips.

    Thank you


    1. Waalaikumsalam dear. Tq for reaching out. Basically it’s my tadabbur on the ayah while listening to Ustaz Nouman Ali Khan on BayyinahTV. Most of the tags are his khutbah title for my easy referencing.


  2. Salam sis may I know where to get ur al- Quran. I love that its in english and not malay as most lectures r in english. Easier to tag. Tq


    1. Salam. You can get it from Dakwah Corner Bookstore if they have the stock. Currently I have 2 extra copies of the soft cover version, do let me know if you would like to purchase at RM70 each (not including postage). TQ 🙂


  3. Salam what Quran is it that your using for tagging. I can see there is a space for mote taking which I think is very useful



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