7 Days of Charity (Week 3)

I’m starting to love this habit of daily donation, I’m thinking of continuing this even beyond Ramadan. I’m so thankful that many opportunities are created by NGOs for us to contribute, and hopefully the contribution is channeled properly to those in needs.

 Day 15: Media Prima – NSTP Humanitarian Fund

Maybank Account Number : 514105323170

Link here.


Day 16: Pertubuhan Mualaf Berbilang Bangsa (Ustaz Firdaus Wong)

Maybank Account Number : 564810520353 (Pertubuhan Mualaf Berbilang Bangsa Kuala Lumpur dan Selangor)

Link here.


Day 17: Medtweetmy Tabung Covid-19

CIMB Account Number : 8009117785 (Pertubuhan Tweet Perubatan Malaysia)


Day 18: St John Ambulans Malaysia

CIMB Account Number : 8000415552 (St John Ambulans Malaysia)

Link here.


Day 19: Malaysian Red Crescent Society

Link here.


Day 20: Kechara Food Kitchen Society

Maybank Account Number : 512231334874 (Kechara Food Kitchen Society)


Day 21: Pertiwi Soup Kitchen

RHB Account Number: 21403510201591 (PERTIWI)

Link here.





Author: Jazlin Ernida Z.

Hello, I’m Jazlin E. I write on my daily hubbub as a loyal wife to Adib I. and a loving mom to Adriana J. Since completing my degree in Chemical Engineering, I’ve been in Oil & Gas industry for almost 10 years, focusing on Production Planning. We are currently residing in Bintulu, Sarawak, but you could always find us somewhere along Miri, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Taiping… My job requires a lot of traveling, and that’s the fun part. When I’m not crunching numbers, you’ll find me in the local coffee shops or bookstores, scribbling in my bullet journal. But most of the time you'll actually find me scrolling Instafeed or online shopping at Sephora.

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